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Strafford Country North - Troop A, Milton, New Durham, Farmington and Middleton. Also includes those towns Fire/EMS, Milton NH DPW, P25 Digital - Alpha Tags

*** NOTE 12/13/23 ***

Strafford County Sheriffs Office has moved to a Linear Simulcast Modulation.  I've replaced the scanner with a Uniden STS100 and all 200-800 units should be back!  Will continue to iron out the bugs through the new year.

*** End Note ***

*Strafford Country North Repeater Dispatches Sheriffs Office and the towns of:

New Durham - 200 Units
Milton - 300 Units
Middleton - 500 Units
Farmington - 800 Units

Also includes:

NH State Police Troop A

Milton NH DPW
New Durham Fire/EMS
Milton NH Fire/EMS - Dispatched by Carrol County
Middleton Fire/EMS
Farmington Fire/EMS

P25 Digital
Alpha Text Tags
RadioShack Pro-106
Uniden SDS100
Discone Antenna
Scanner located in Milton Mills, NH