Central NJ Passenger Rail Lines
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Passenger Rail Feed in Middlesex County, NJ that will monitor NJ Transit's Newark Division (Raritan Valley Line & North Jersey Coast Line), and Amtrak's Northeast Corridor.

Scanner Model: Uniden BC785D

Antenna: TrainTenna Vertical Outdoor Model fed with LMR-400 Coax

Computer Info: HP T5630 Thin Client

Internet Connection: Verizon FIOS

Rail systems covered: Amtrak, NJ Transit

This feed, located in South Bound Brook, NJ, less than 3,000ft from NJ Transit's Raritan Valley Line, and 5 miles away from Amtrak's Northeast Corridor will feature the following channels in this feed:


  • AAR 60 - 161.010 - NEC CETC Dispatch
  • AAR 74 - 161.220 - Road #2

NJ Transit

  • AAR 75 - 161.235 - Newark Division (Raritan Valley and North Jersey Coast Lines)
  • AAR 22 - 160.440 - Maintenance of Way

Detectors Heard:

  • NJ Transit - Middlesex, NJ - MP 20.5 - AAR 75 - 161.235