Collin County Police, Fire and EMS
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Monitoring The Following: Police, Fire, and EMS ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Frisco, Prosper Allen, Fairview, Lucas, Murphey, Parker, The Colony, Wylie Plano, Richardson, UTD Dallas, McKinney


Scanner Equipment is Located in Plano, TX. Near Independence and 15th St.

Scanner Improvements and new features.

Installed new Directional Terrawave 16 Element Vertical Yagi Base Antenna.
824-960 MHz with 15 (dBi) gain.
This greatly improved reception from Frisco Police & Fire and others.
This antenna is app. 35 feet above the ground.

Installed new 800 MHz UHF Omni-directional Vertical Outdoor Base Antenna.
(851-869 MHz) with Gain: 7 dBi. Wavelength:  Multiple 1/2 wavelength elements.
This antenna is app. 30 feet above the ground.

I went with a two-antenna system with a UHF splitter/combiner to allow both antennas to be brought to the radio with a single coax. The combination allows both to act as a single antenna with the signals getting the benefit of a beam and an Omni-directional while increasing the signal from both. 

New frequencies added ( Collin County Sheriff Dept. )
Removed unwanted and not useful frequencies so the scanner can scan faster.

If you have questions or comments please email me at:


Terrawave 16 Element Vertical Yagi Base Antenna                                                                    800 MHz UHF Omni-directional Vertical
                                                                                                                                                    Outdoor Base Antenna


Scanner Used:

Uniden Bearcat BCD536HP Police Scanner

Monitoring the following cities and services
Systems Monitored:

PAWM Simulcast            P25    ( Plano;Allen;Wylie;Murphy(PAWM) / Project25/PhaseII )
Frisco Simulcast             P25    ( FriscoP25/Project25/PhaseII )
McKinney Simulcast       P25    ( McKinney/Project25/PhaseI )
Richardson Simulcast     P25    ( RichardsonP25/Project25/PhaseI )



  1. Allen - Police, Fire, EMS
  2. Fairview - Police, Fire, EMS
  3. Lucas - Police, Fire, EMS
  4. Murphy - Police, Fire, EMS
  5. Parker - Police, Fire, EMS
  6. Plano - Police, Fire, EMS
  7. Collin County Sheriff Police/Fire/EMS
  8. Richardson - Police, Fire, EMS
  9. The Colony - Police, Fire, EMS
  10. Wylie - Police, Fire, EMS
  11. McKinney - Police, Fire, EMS
  12. Frisco - Police, Fire, EMS
  13. Prosper - Police, Fire, EMS
  14. UTD Dallas