South Australia Fire, Marine and Rescue
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16/03/2016 Update. I am currently trialing a different technlogy to stream this feed.

I am now using Unitrunker software with 2  RTL USB dongles to monitor 16 seperate control channels on the SAGRN network with a Uniden UBCD T8 scanner for listening to the voice transmissions, this method eliminates the traditional way of scanning a trunking network and currently transmissions that would have been missed can now be heard as soon as the transmission happens.

This is a trial at the moment, and due to tune ups or changes needed the stream will revert back to the radio scanneras needed.

South Australian Government Radio Network, Northern Adelaide coverage, Northern Mt Lofty Ranges, Lower Mid North, Barrosa and Gilbert Valley, Yorke Peninsula. Services - SA Metro Fire Service, SA Country Fire Service, State Emergency Service state operation talk groups, Multi Agency, Marine Rescue.

Primary SA CFS talk groups monitored are Region 2, Part of Region 4 Southern Boundry Area bordering Region 2, Part of Region 1 can be heard mostly northern side of region.

Scanner used is a Uniden UBCD996T Trunk Tracker 4 located in the Northern Mt Lofty Ranges.

Computer is an EEE pc compact laptop using Pro Scan software.

System is powered by an AGM lead acid battery system of 500 amp hour capacity and charged by 4 X 80 watt solar panels and the battery system can provide up to 10 days of power without charge.