Johnson County Public Safety
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Covers all Johnson County PD & FD dispatch channels. This feed uses an audio queuing system and can become quite delayed during extremely high call volume.

:: NEW AS OF APRIL 21, 2021 ::

Starting April 21, 2021, the audio feed is now coming directly from's hardware and is no longer hardware-based.

What does this mean? No more cut-off audio, no more choppy audio.  Please note that the radio traffic IS going to become delayed during high radio activity - this is expected behavior. This new setup queues the radio traffic as it comes in rather than stepping over one another and missing out on radio traffic.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated! Feel free to submit your feedback by clicking/tapping here.

TOC: Click to scroll to... Agencies Scanned, Common FAQs, Other Notes, Media Usage Notice.

The following agencies are being scanned, along with their talk group ID and any additional notes.

If viewing from your mobile, please view the table section below in landscape/horizontal mode. Vertical mode on phones is a mess of text below.

Agency / Type Talkgroup, Tag, Notes
Overland Park, Sanders
Police Dispatch
(31351) Displays as: Overland Park - Sanders Dispatch 
Overland Park, Scafe
Police Dispatch & Broadcasts
(31353) Displays as: Overland Park - Scafe Dispatch
Police Dispatch
(31303) Displays as: Olathe - Dispatch 
Police Dispatch
(31251) Displays as: Lenexa - Dispatch 
Police Dispatch
(31201) Displays as: Leawood - Dispatch 
Johnson County Sheriff
Police Dispatch, South Zone
(30003) Displays as: JoCoSo - South Zone
Covers most of rural Johnson County, KS calls.
Johnson County Sheriff
Police Dispatch, North Zone
(30001) Displays as: JoCoSo - North Zone
Covers most of urban and suburban Johnson County, KS calls.
Police Dispatch
(31451) Displays as: Shawnee - Dispatch
Prairie Village
Police Dispatch
(31401) Displays as: Prairie Village - Dispatch
Johnson County Emergency Communications Center

FD/EMS Dispatch
(30101) Displays as: JoCoECC - Dispatch
(30102) Displays as: JoCoECC - Ops
(30992) Displays as: JoCoECC - Dispatch
NOTE: ECC Auto Dispatch (30992) is full time patched to Dispatch (30101)

Covers all of Johnson County KS emergency (EMS, Fire, etc) dispatch calls. Sometimes (rare!) includes dispatching calls/responses to portions of Douglas and Miami County, KS.

The scanner feed on does not monitor & stream event channels (JoCo Common, City Wide, Public Works, etc), KDOT, or non-dispatch talk groups. It no longer provides coverage of RegCom 03.

I cannot monitor or scan JoCo ECC Fireground talk groups (ECC Tac 4 to Tac 9). They encrypted it in 2013, and it appears it was solely encrypted to keep the media (TV/News) out. This also means you, the public, cannot listen in either. Sorry.



  • Why is this stream so quiet... where's the humming and noise?
    • I don't like white noise. I don't like listening to a grounding hum issue all day.
    • The scanner is very much so scanning, but not with background sounds.
  • The alpha tags are showing up a few seconds after the voice transmission.
    • This is simply due to the application in use sending the metadata in a delayed state to the Broadcastify servers causing further delay. Generally, meta/alpha tags are sent as the voice activates.
  • The audio is really distorted!! What gives?
    • That happens from time to time with P25 systems. As far as I am aware, this is due to a bad decode on the scanner or an antenna on the P25 system having issues, causing the scanner to lose a lock on the talk group.
    • Sometimes it will auto-correct, other times - it will be like that until the transmission concludes.
    • Commonly known as simulcast distortion.


Other notes:

  • All dispatches utilize a tone/beep before activating voice for any priority/urgent calls. All configured talk groups listed above can utilize the following tones...
    • Short low-pitch tone: Channel Marker, used when air is held. Happens every 10 seconds if active - in queued audio, it will play rather rapidly.
    • Long high-pitch tone: Attention call/page out.
    • Fast High tone beep x3 or x5: ECC Fire Call or non-breather.
    • Hi-Lo / Warble: Assist the officer (Police), Evacuate Building (Fire).
  • If the stream is silent for more than 15 minutes at any given time and only shows "Scanning...", please do let me know. It's possible a frequency changed on the JoCo system, or the scanner needs to be hit with a hammer a few more times. :^)


ATTN LIVE MEDIA (TV, Radio, etc)...

  • If you/your media agency wishes to use the audio archives of this stream on your channel you are welcome to.
  • There are no fees to using the audio from this stream on your network.
  • All I (the feed broadcaster) ask of in return is properly crediting the stream, or at least the host of this service: 
  • is CC BY 3.0 US.
  • Broadcastify usage guidelines can be found here


Last updated: Sept 9, 2021.