Johnson County Public Safety
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Covers mostly all Johnson County PD & FD dispatch channels. This feed uses an audio queuing system. Audio will become delayed due to the queuing system - but no missed audio will be the result. Per-talkgroup audio is available by clicking the info button.

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The following agencies are being scanned:

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Agency / Type Talkgroup, Tag, Notes
Overland Park, Sanders
Police Dispatch
(31351) Displays as: Overland Park - Sanders Dispatch 
Police Dispatch
(31303) Displays as: Olathe - Dispatch 
Police Dispatch

(31251) Displays as: Lenexa - Dispatch 
Not currently scanned. There is encrypted radio traffic coming over PD1 from time to time. No one likes to hear garbled audio.

Police Dispatch
(31201) Displays as: Leawood - Dispatch 
Johnson County Sheriff
Police Dispatch, South Zone
(30003) Displays as: JoCoSo - South Zone
Covers most of rural Johnson County, KS calls.
Includes: De Soto, Gardner, and Spring Hill on this talk group.
Johnson County Sheriff
Police Dispatch, North Zone
(30001) Displays as: JoCoSo - North Zone
Covers most of the urban and suburban (NE JoCo cities) Johnson County, KS calls.
Police Dispatch
(31451) Displays as: Shawnee - Dispatch
Prairie Village
Police Dispatch
(31401) Displays as: Prairie Village - Dispatch
Johnson County Emergency Communications Center

FD/EMS Dispatch
(30101) Displays as: JoCoECC - Dispatch
(30102) Displays as: JoCoECC - Ops
(30992) Displays as: JoCoECC - Dispatch
NOTE: ECC Auto Dispatch (30992) is full-time patched to Dispatch (30101)

Covers all of Johnson County KS emergency (EMS, Fire, etc) dispatch calls. Sometimes (rare!) includes dispatching calls/responses to portions of Douglas and Miami County, KS.

This audio feed will not broadcast talk groups such as JoCo Commons, RegComs, City Wides, Public Works, KDOT, or non-dispatch talk groups. I cannot monitor or scan JoCo ECC Fireground talk groups (ECC Tac 4 to Tac 9). They encrypted it in 2013, and it appears it was solely encrypted to keep the media (TV/News) out. 



  • Why is this stream so quiet... where's the humming and noise?
    • I don't like white noise. I don't like listening to a grounding hum issue all day.
    • The scanner is very much so scanning, but not with background sounds.
  • The alpha tags are showing up a few seconds after or inconsistently during the voice transmission.
    • This is simply due to the application in use sending the metadata in a delayed state to the Broadcastify servers causing further delay. Generally, meta/alpha tags are sent as the transmission activates.
  • The audio is really distorted!! What gives?
    • That happens from time to time with P25 systems. As far as I am aware, this is due to a bad decode on the scanner or an antenna on the P25 system having issues, causing the scanner to lose a lock on the talk group.
    • Sometimes it will auto-correct, other times - it will be like that until the transmission concludes.
    • Commonly known as simulcast distortion.


Other notes:

  • All dispatches utilize a tone/beep before activating voice for any priority/urgent calls. All configured talk groups listed above can utilize the following tones...
    • Short low-pitch tone: Channel Marker, used when air is held. Happens every 10 seconds if active - in queued audio, it will play rather rapidly.
    • Long high-pitch tone: Attention call/page out.
    • Fast High tone beep x3 or x5: ECC Fire Call or non-breather.
    • Hi-Lo / Warble: Assist the officer (Police), Evacuate Building (Fire).
  • If the stream is silent for more than 15 minutes at any given time and only shows "Scanning...", please do let me know. It's possible a frequency changed on the JoCo system, or the scanner needs to be hit with a hammer a few more times. :^)



  • If you/your media agency wishes to use the audio archives of this stream on your channel you are welcome to.
  • There are no fees for using the audio from this stream on your network.
  • All I (the feed broadcaster) ask in return is properly crediting the stream, or at least the host of this service: 
  • is CC BY 3.0 US.
  • Broadcastify usage guidelines can be found here


Last updated: June 26, 2022.