Pemberton Township Police and Fire
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Burlington County Talkgroups: P-7, NorthEast Response 1-4, Command, South Response 1-4, Command Ocean County Talkgroups: PD West, Fire Zone 4, EMS Zone 4

This Feed has been relocated to Presidential Lakes Near Pemberton Twp. FD Station 2. (02 Mar 20)

Burlington County Talkgroups:
Police: P-7 (Pemberton Boro/Twp., North Hanover, New Hanover, & Chesterfield)
Fire/EMS: NorthEast Response 1-4, Command (Pemberton Boro/Twp, New Hanover, North Hanover, Wrightstown, & Woodland)
Fire/EMS: South Response 1-4, Command (Bass River, Washington Twp, New Gretna)

All Numbering is universal for all sevices.  Example: Pemberton Twp. Polce are all 18xx or 18xxx, Pemberton Twp Fire are all 18xx, 181x, 182x, or 183x, Pemberton Twp EMS are all 186x or 189x.

Pemberton Twp is District 18

Pemberton Boro is District 19

Chesterfield is District 26

Woodland is District 29

New Hanover is District 38

Wrightstown is District 41

Bass River/New Gretna is District 42

Washington Twp. is District 45

North Hanover is District 46

Ocean County Talkgroups:

Police: West Police Operations (Plumsted Only)

Fire: OC Fire Zone 4 (Plumsted, & Lakehurst)

EMS: OC EMS Zone 4 (Plumsted & Jackson) 

Numbering for Ocean County Police is by District, Plumsted is District 23, and OC Sheriff Dept. is 1.

Numbering for Ocean County Fire & EMS is by Station for Fire or Squad by EMS.

Plumsted: New Egypt FC & Career FD is Station 39, Plumsted Twp. Fire District EMS is Squad 30/54

Manchester has switched to their own dispatch center and is now encrypted.  I will not be able to receive their transmissions anymore. (03-01-20)

Jackson EMS: Jackson EMS has switched to County Dispatch. They are Squad 22.  You will hear them on OC EMS Zone 4 now. (03-01-20)

Lakehurst: Lakehurst FC is Station 62, Lakehurst FAS is Squad 24

Joint Base follows Burlington County Numbering when they come off the base.  This feed does NOT monitor them on the base, however when they come off the base you will hear them on this feed.  Even when operating in Ocean County, they will use their Burlington County Designators.  These are their stations:

McGuire FD HQ: Station 1/Station 671 (2 Engines, 4 Crash Units, 1 Tender)

McGuire Ladder: Station 2/Station 672 (1 Ladder, 1 Engine, Reserve Crash)

Fort Dix Engine: Station 3/Station 673 (1 Engine, 3 Brush Trucks, 1 HazMat)

Fort Dix Rescue/Engine: Station4/Station 674 (1 Rescue, 1 Engine)

Lakehurst Engine/EMS: Station 5/Station 675 or Station 678 (1 Squirt, 1 Rescue, 2 Crash, 2 BLS)

Range WUI: Station 6/Station 676 (2 Engines and 5 Brush Trucks) 03-01-20

McGuire BLS uses the designator 6791 or 6792 when talking to ALS on County Radios.

An independent contrator with the Army runs EMS on the Ranges, so they use the old Fort Dix County Designators (68):

Range EMS (Contracted BLS Provered for the Ranges ONLY) use the designator 6871 or 6872.