PI1NOG 438.1500 MHz Repeater
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This feed includes: Radio Amateur Repeater PI1NOG on 438.150 MHz. This repeater is part of the DMR-MARC wordwide Digital Mobile Radio Network and operated by the Delfzijl Repeater Group.

Live scanner feed by Eemsdelta-Livescanner. You can listen to amateur radio repeater PI1NOG in Delfzijl, Groningen on 438.150 MHz. Part of the Worlwide DMR-MARC network. Timeslot 1/Talkgroups 1, 2, 10, 13 20 & 204. Timeslot 2/Talkgroup 9. This repeater is operated by the Delfzijl Repeater Group

This feed includes:

Timeslot #1 - Talkgroups

TG1     = Worldwide
TG2     = Europe
TG10   = Worldwide (german language)

TG13   = Worldwide (english language)
TG20   = Germany, Austria, Switzerland
TG204 = Netherlands Countrywide

Timeslot #2 - Talkgroups

TG9 = Local statewide

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