Eastern Missouri Public Safety
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This feed covers Lincoln, Warren, Pike, Montgomery, and Callaway Counties--Fire, EMS, Police, Sheriff, Highway Patrol, Aircraft, US Coast Guard, and Medical Helicopters. Radio is located in northern Lincoln County, MO.

This is a scanner Feed from Lincoln County, Missouri featuring scanner traffic from Lincoln, Warren, Pike, Montgomery, Callaway, St. Charles, and St. Louis Counties. Some of the agency types and services heard are Fire, EMS, Police, Sheriff, Highway Patrol, Aircraft, US Coast Guard, Medical Helicopters etc. Also heard is ISPERN radio, the Illinois State Police Emergency Radio Network at District 11-Collinsville HQ.

If you're a regular listener, please send a note to netowen@hotmail.com and let me know where you listen and if you're public safety, civilian, etc. There are several regular listeners and I'm curious who you are! If you are experiening any issues with the feed, please send a problem report through the radioreference site or directly to my e-mail. Thanks for visiting!