Norfolk Southern Central Division - Bulls Gap Area
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The receiver is located at the Bulls Gap Railroad Museum in Bulls Gap, TN. The radio is an Uniden Scanner fed by an Omni antenna at 35feet.  There is also an ATCS receive server and viewing station located at the museum.

Channels scanned:

  • 160.950mhz (AAR Ch56) NS road channel

  • 160.245mhz (AAR Ch09) NS dispatcher to train

  • 160.830mhz (AAR Ch48) NS train to dispatcher

  • 161.040mhz (AAR Ch62) NS Clinch Valley road channel

  • 161.490mhz (AAR Ch92) NS Clinch Valley road channel

  • 160.560mhz (AAR Ch30) NS Clinch Valley dispatcher


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