Garden City Fire
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Monitoring the GCFD, HFD, and Finney County Emergency Management, and Storm Spotters (seasonal), Finney County, Kansas.

KSICS (APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive) for Finney County Kansas.   One Uniden BCD396T digital, two Uniden analog BC760XL (one providing the WXK93 feed to all monitored and controlled remotely through TeamViewer and Android software.

Live feed of the Garden City Fire DepartmentHolcomb Volunteer Fire Department, and Finney County Emergency Managment.   Finney County EMS radio is no longer monitored due to encryption.  EMS paging tones will still be part of the feed.

Currently, paging tones are transmitted on analog and digital, so there will be an echo when the page is first recieved. This is due to the dispatch center simulcasting the voice part of the page over the digital system.  There will be no echo after the initial tone-out.

Conventional radio:  154.190 GCFD HFD EMS paging

Digital talk group ID:  (2217 - GCFD City) (2200 - GCFD - Alarm/Tactical) (2246 - GCFD/Holcomb Rural)

(2234 - FiCo Emergency Management/Storm Spotter Teams)


Please be advised that there may be long periods of inactivity if nothing is happening.  The communications center checks radio equipment twice daily at 1200 hours and 1900 hours.

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