Tooele County Public Safety Dispatch
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This Feed broadcasts traffic for Tooele County Dispatch, Tooele County Sheriff, Tooele City Fire/Police, Grantsville Fire/Police, North Tooele Fire District, Wendover Fire Dept., South Area Fire (also known as these individual Depts.: Stockton Fire Dept.,

The Public Safety feeds are as Follows:

Tooele County Dispatch: TG Id: 40000 Hex: 9c4 Tooele Law 1 (Sheriff/UHP) 

Tooele City Police: TG Id : 40416 Hex 9c4 
Tooele City Fire Dept.: TG Id : 40128 Hex: 9cc 

Tooele County Sheriff’s Dept: TG Id : 40000 Hex 9c4 

Utah Highway Patrol: TG Id : 40000 Hex: 9c4 

North Tooele Fire District: TG Id : 40128 Hex 9cc 

Grantsville Fire Dept: TG Id : 40128 Hex: 9cc 
Grantsville Police: TG Id : 40448 Hex: 9e0 

Mountain West Ambulance Service: TG Id : 40128 Hex: 9cc

The ID”s are all DEC, Mode A