Multnomah County Sheriff and Gresham Police Dispatch
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Using a Uniden SDS200 scanner to monitor the following talkgroups on the Portland P25 system:
1301   Multnomah County Sheriff/East County Law Dispatch Patrol Units 5PXX, Gresham PD 1XX, Troutdale PD 2XX, Fairview PD 3XX,   Port of Portland PD 4XX,

10-8  Clear
10-11 Beginning Shift
10-51 Can suspect overhear this
10-57 Stolen Vehicle
10-61 Prisoner in Custody
10-62 Transporting Prisoner
10-63 Transporting Citizen
10-64 Prisoner/Citizen Transport Complete
10-71 Warrant Service
10-72 Detail Assignment from Supervisor
10-73 Follow-up
10-74 Servicing Equipment
10-75 Stake Out (Code 5)
10-77 Checking Person
10-81 Coffee Break
10-82 Meal Break
10-83 Writing Reports
10-84 Checking Vehicle/Traffic Stop
10-85 Inspect Premises/Security Check
10-86 Walk and Talk
10-87 Bike Patrol
10-88 Monitoring the radio but not the MDC
10-89 Other