Tippecanoe County Law Enforcement

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((_Stereo_Feed_)) LEFT Channel = Lafayette Police, West Lafayette Police, Purdue Police, Tippecanoe County Sheriff ((_Stereo_Feed_))_RIGHT_Channel = Indiana State Police

Law Enforcement Agencies in Tippecanoe County, Indiana
including Lafayette, West Lafayette, Purdue University, and Indiana State Police

 LEFT Audio Channel


RIGHT Audio Channel

Tippecanoe County Public Safety
Trunked Radio System


Indiana Project Hoosier SAFE-T System   State Web Site

Site: Zone A40A, Site 009, West Lafayette (Tippecanoe County)
Indiana State Police District 14 Headquarters, 5921 SR 43 N

10-Codes and Signals used by most public safety agencies in Indiana

Photos of some of the equipment used to provide these feeds