Arlington County Fire
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Arlington Fire channels "1 Alpha" through "1 Mike"

Housed in Arlington County and supplied by battery backups for up to 30 minutes.

Momentary power outages shouldn't interrupt feed, however prolonged power or any internet outages will bring it down.

​Monitoring the following channels:

  • 1A Dispatch
  • 1B Response (routine calls)
  • 1C Incident 1 (first large incident)
  • 1D Tactical 1B
  • 1E Tactical 1C 
  • 1F Command 1 (command channel for incident on 1C)
  • 1G Incident 2 (second large incident)
  • 1H Tactical 2B
  • 1I Tactical 2C
  • 1J Command 2 (command channel for incident on 1G)
  • 1K Incident 3 (third large incident)
  • 1L Tactical 3B
  • 1M Command 3 (command channel for incident on 1K)