Atlantic County Fire and EMS - VHF West
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This feed is the dispatchings of Western Atlantic County Fire VHF system   - including Fire Ground Operations, SJ Net, New Jersey State Forest Fire Service (Div. C.), and Gloucester County VHF Dispatch. Atlantic County Fire is transmitting over Atlantic County Fire 1 on 154.310 (pl 118.8) with Fire Ground Operations transmitting over Fire 2 on 154.355 (pl 118.8). (Buena Vist 800 Mhz patch on Fire Ground 2) 9  SJ Net is transmitting - in their respected counties - on 154.265 throughout South Jersey, and New Jersey Forest Fire Sevice (Div. C.) is transmitting over Channel 9 on 151.265 (pl 179.9), Channel 7A on 159.240 (pl 82.5), and Airnet on 159.285 (pl 179.9). Gloucester County Dispatch is transmitting over VHF on 154.130. 

All channels are being monitored using a Motorola CDM1250 mobile radio using a 3dB gain VHF base antenna approximately 35 feet off the ground with a connecting RG8 low loss coax.