Pine Barrens Area Fire
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Stereo feed, Monitors Suffolk County Pine Barrens area fire departments. includes Fire Department Activations, Firecom (FRES) 700/800 mhz communications (right channel), as well as Area Fire Department UHF frequencies (left channel).

Hardware Updates Completed. Audio and reception should be better along with APCO P25 Phase 2 added.

Stereo feed with 2 scanners monitoring fire department radio traffic in the Suffolk Pine Barrens Area. This includes Suffolk County Fire Rescue (SC FRES) Activation frequencies (Low Band  FRES East and West) as well as SC FRES 700/800 operations channels.

The following departments UHF frequencies: Typically On : Manorville, Ridge, Yaphank, Sound Beach, Brookhaven, Rocky Point, Mastic, Center Moriches, East Moriches, Bellport, North Patchogue, Hagerman, Medford, Middle Island, Gordon Heights, Mastic Beach, Eastport, Wading River, Riverhead, Flanders, West Hampton, Quogue, and East Quogue.

You may also hear: Coram, Farmingville, Ronkonkoma, Selden, Patchogue, Mount Siani, among others on the west side of the 5th division

The scanner monitoring the UHF traffic is transmitting the text tags 

Suffolk County is continually migrating to P25 phase II communication from the current Motorola Smartzone system. The results of this may mean the ability to monitor more radio traffic. We will update as the changeover continues.

Current equipment. Includes Bearcat SDS200 and BCD996P2 scanners running on a dedicated laptop with ProScan and virutal audio cable apps providing the stereo audio feed.

Those listening on Scanner apps may hear echoes during activations when a departments UHF simulcasts activations from SC FRES, it's unavoidable with this setup.. There is the ability in settings to add a balance control to the app allowing you to focus on 1 scanner feed. You may need premium version of app for this feature.