N3KZS 146.8950 MHz Repeater Link System
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IRLP node 7070. Now with a Alexa skill that is the same audio from Broadcastify. Do a search for a skill called Manchester Repeater.

Now on Alexa devices. Do a search for N3KZS Repeater

146.895  Pl 107.2  N3KZS repeater in Manchester Md.

53.4700   Pl 107.2  N3KTX repeater in Frederick Md.

447.675   Pl 107.2  N3ETH repeater in Gettysburg Pa.

All repeater are full time linked. Repeater system has a large foot print of Pa, Md, and Va. Also has IRLP node 7070 and Allstar node 520690. System has 7 receive sites that go into a Doug Hall Voter and the best audio goes to the transmitter. System has two transmitter sites called north tx and west tx. North tx is in Manchester Md and west tx is in Frederick Md. Enjoy the system and hope to hear you soon. 73,s