Northwest Indiana NS, CSX, and CN Rail

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(((Stereo feed))) from Whiting, IN. "Rails in Da Region." Shows Alpha Tags for the right channel.

Stereo Feed from Whiting - Rails in "Da Region" - Now With Alpha Tags!

((Left Channel)) NS Chicago Line & CJ plus Amtrak

((Right Channel)) CSX, CN, IHB, NS Chicago Dist., BRC, CF&E

Perfect for listening while watching the Northwest Indiana ATCS layouts!

LEFT CHANNEL focuses on the NS (but no Alpha Tags):

160.800 AAR46 NS "Chicago West" Dispatcher

161.070 AAR64 NS CJ & Colehour Yard

160.740 AAR42 Amtrak Onboard Channel

161.325 AAR81 Amtrak Michigan Line

161.505 AAR93 Amtrak Michigan Line

RIGHT CHANNEL has Alpha Tags because of variety:

160.920 AAR54 CN End-to-End

160.590 AAR32 CN ex-GTW

160.950 AAR56 CN Kirk Yard Control

160.845 AAR49 CN Kirk Yard

161.475 AAR91 CN Kirk Yard

160.350 AAR16 CN Matteson & Lakefront Subs

160.230 AAR08 CSX Road

160.320 AAR14 CSX RA Disp

160.290 AAR12 CSX RB Disp

160.635 AAR35 CSX-RN Disp (Michigan) & BRC

160.500 AAR26 BRC Belt Railway of Chicago

160.485 AAR25 IHB East

160.980 AAR58 IHB West

161.250 AAR76 NS Calumet Yard

161.490 AAR92 NS "Chicago District"

160.800 AAR46 NS Chicago West Dispatcher

160.545 AAR29 CF&E Road

"TrainTenna" Vertical Outdoor Base Antenna mounted 30' AGL

Stridsberg Active Multicoupler splits the signal 2X

Dual Uniden BCD396T scanners