Richland, Jasper, Wayne, Edwards, Clay and Lawrence ...
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Includes Cities Police and Fire, Illinois State Police District 12 and 19 DuQuoin Dispatch.

A public safety feed consisting of county police, city police, fire dispatch and emergency managment of Richland county Il and every county it shares a boarder with Clay, Jasper, Crawford, Lawrence, Edwards, Wabash and Wayne. Along with local public safety I have added state police district 12 and 19 with all talkgroups. The receive antenna is a broadband discone at the 100 ft mark on a 120 ft tower in Richland Co. All frequencies monitored are within respected receiving range of the tower. All equipment is on emergency backup power.

frequencies covered include

Richland County Sheriff Dispatch 158.79000 Mhz
Richland County Fire Dispatch 154.43000 Mhz
Olney Police Dept Dispatch 154.35500 Mhz
Noble Fire Dept Dispatch 151.00250 Mhz
Clay County Sheriff Dispatch 155.565 Mhz
Flora Police Dispatch 154.81500 Mhz
Flora Fire Dept Dispatch 154.415 Mhz
Clay City Fire Dispatch 154.74000 Mhz
Jasper County Sheriff Dispatch 155.43000 Mhz
Jasper County Fire Dispatch 151.05500 Mhz
Newton Police Dept Dispatch 154.75500 Mhz
Wayne County Sheriff Dispatch 155.535 Mhz
Wayne County Fire Dispatch 154.43000 Mhz
Wayne County E.S.D.A. 156.18000 Mhz
Edwards County Sheriff Dispatch 155.55000 Mhz
Lawrence County Sheriff Dispatch 159.15750 Mhz
Lawrence County Fire Dispatch 154.43000 Mhz
Illinois State Police District 12 and 19 DuQuoin Dispatch
Site Number Decimal:08 / Hex: 12
Site Frequencies 851.91250
 Primary 852.43750c
Control Channel 852.96250a