CSX Plymouth and Canadian National Flint Subs
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CSX 160.23, 161.37 & 160.32, CN 160.59, 161.22 & 160.845. Currently using a Kenwood TK-705D as the receiver connected to a Workman BS-150 omnidirectional antenna fed with LMR600. The antenna is at approximately 60' above the ground near MP 205 on CN. On CSX I am hearing the DD at 104.3, 79.9, 64.0, Ensel Yard, Grand Ledge, Lake Odessa, Fowlerville and areas in between. On CN it covers the DD at 206.3, 219.5 and 232.0. Lately I have also heard the DD at 186.3 and 166.6 as well as 257. Cory and Snow Yard along with some of the network in Battle Creek. I will continue to work on other improvements as time and weather allow.