Washington, Warren and Saratoga Counties Fire and EMS
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(((Stereo Feed))) L - Saratoga County 800mhz Fire, EMS & Police R - Warren & Washington Counties Fire & EMS

BCT15X for Washington & Warren Counties

BCD996P2 For Saratoga County

Both Scanners are fed from an ST-2 roof antenna @ approximately 35' AGL

This feed scans Washington, Warren and Saratoga counties as follows:

Washington County: Fire Dispatch (includes some EMS simulcast) - 5 Countywide firegrounds - Fire Police - Argyle Fire - Kingsbury Fire - Fort Edward Fire - Fort Ann Fire - Civil Defense - Hudson Falls/Fort Edward Police - Statewide Fire Mutual Aid

Warren County: Fire / EMS Dispatch - Fire Control - ESR-1 - South Queensbury Fire - Queensbury Central Fire - Bay Ridge Fire - West Glens Falls Fire - Glens Falls Fire - North Queensbury Fire - Lake George Fire - Warrensburg Fire - Plus several others will receive at least the dispatch

Saratoga County: All Fire - EMS - & Police Talk groups on the 800mhz P25 System.