SEPTA Transit Police Dispatch - Philadelphia Area
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SEPTA Police - Street Surface, Broad Street Subway and Market Frankford line.

Philadelphia SEPTA Transit Police Dispatch Call sign - WPKC90 FM analog.

Broadcast Frequencys

 502.68750Mhz - SEPTA Police main Dispatch (also rebroadcast of PPD J-Band)
 502.76250Mhz -  Broad Street Subway Dispatch (Orange Line)
 502.78750Mhz -  Market-Frankford Elevated Dispatch (Blue Line)

SEPTA Police Zones:

Zone 1 -  Market-Frankford Line (69th St. Station to 46th St. Station)
Zone 2 -  Market Frankford Line (40th St. Station to 13th St. Station and Suburban Station)
Zone 3 -  Market Frankford Line (11th St. Station to York-Dauphin Station and Market East Sta.)
Zone 4 -  Market Frankford Line (Huntingdon Station to Bridge-Pratt Station)
Zone 5 -  Broad Street Line (Pattison Station to Walnut-Locust Station)
Zone 6 -  Broad Street Line (City Hall Station to North Phila. Station)
Zone 7 -  Broad Street Line (Allegheny Station to Fern Rock Station)