BNSF Seattle Terminal
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This audio feed covers from Tukwila, Wa to Edmonds, Wa. BNSF's Seattle terminal dispatcher.

BNSF Seattle Terminal Dispatcher

    We hear the Seattle Terminal Dispatcher running BNSF, Amtrak, Sounder, and UP trains on both the Seattle and Scenic Subdivisions from Tukwila, WA to Edmonds, WA. Amtrak, Sound Transit, and Union Pacific have trackage rights in the Seattle Terminal.  There is alot of traffic on this stream as there is alot of industry switching that takes place in the terminal, as well as the many Amtrak and Sounder trains moving in and out of Seattle durring peak commuting hours. You will often hear trains arriving to or departing from the South Seattle intermodal Facility, UP's Argo yard, Stacy Street yard, the Amtrak coach yard, and Balmer yard.


BNSF Seattle Sub frequencies

  • 161.160 AAR ch70 (Seattle Terminal Dispatcher - From Tukwila, Wa to Seattle, Wa)
  • 161.415 AAR ch87 (Centralia North Dispatcher - From Tukwila, Wa to Tenino, Wa)
  • 161.100 AAR ch66 (Centralia South Dispatcher - From Tenino, Wa to Vancouver, Wa)
  • 160.920 AAR ch54 M of W


BNSF Scenic Sub frequencies

  • 161.160 AAR ch70 (Seattle Terminal Dispatcher - From Seattle, Wa to Edmonds, Wa)
  • 161.250 AAR ch76 (North Branch Dispatcher - From Edmonds, Wa to Everett, Wa)
  • 161.100 AAR ch66 (Seattle East Dispatcher - From Everett, Wa to Wenatchee, Wa)


Defect Detectors Heard 

  • MP 5.2x - Mains 1, 2, & 3: Hot box, Dragging Equipment & Axle Count
  • MP 2.19 - Mains 1 & 2: Hot box, Dragging Equipment
  • MP 10.4 - Mains 1 & 2: Hot box, Dragging Equipment & Axle Count
  • MP 17.1 - Single Track: Hot box, Dragging Equipment & Axle Count


Technical info:

The stream reciever is located on Baldi Mountain, aproximately 4000 feet above sea level.  The receiver is a Motorola M1225 connected to a Telewave ANT150D-3 2-bay folded dipole antenna fed with LMR-400 coax.  A filter eliminates interference from other radios at the site, and an active multicoupler splits the output of the filter to the multiple radios used for streaming and ATCS at the site.  The antenna is mounted 30 feet above the ground on the side of a 50 foot tower.  The reciever is connected to a Rack Mounted PC running Windows server 2008r2 and Edcast streaming software to encode the audio which is fed to the Shoutcast Distributed Audio Server over a microwave internet link.

This stream is broadcasting courtesy of Jason J Hill of Eugene, OR, Dale Skyllingstad of Tacoma, WA, And Tom Kaminski of Tacoma, WA.