Fallbrook Amateur Club Repeaters and CAL FIRE
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Fire Radio In North SD County. Surrounding Fallbrook, Includes: Rainbow, Bonsall, Camp Pendleton & More. Ham Radio Has Priority. **See disclaimer in notes**

Disclaimer: By listening to this scanner stream you are agreeing to not hold FARC or originator responsible for content.

Priority goes to Fallbrook Amateur Club Repeaters. (146.175, 445.600)...
   Fallbrook ARES/Club Net, Tuesdays 1900 Local.

 Next Priority, VHF Fire:
   N. San Diego County, CalFire VHF MVU-1 Local. (151.190)...
   N. San Diego County, CalFire VHF MVU-2 Local. (151.3325)...
   N. San Diego County, CalFire VHF Cmd-3. (151.340)...
   N. San Diego County, XSD CMD 11 (150.6125) used for some Pendleton fires...

Next Priorty, Trunk Systems:
   North County Fire (Fallbrook)...
   Camp Pendleton Fire...

If relevant additional frequencies/talk groups.

Feed does include tags that display frequency/talk group that matches audio to apps that suport them.

Unit Numbers.
11X Fallbrook, Rainbow, Bonsall
12X Vista
15X Pala
16X Valley Center
21X Oceanside
27X Pendleton
31XX Riverside Unit CalFire
33XX San Diego Unit CalFire