San Ramon Police and Fire, Central Contra Costa Sheriff Dispatch

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(((Stereo Feed))) Right = Central Sheriff Dispatch | Left = San Ramon Police & Valley Fire Dispatch || Areas Covered: Danville, San Ramon, Tassajara, Diablo, Alamo. Follow @DanvilleSR_News


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Channel 1: Central Contra Costa Sheriff Dispatch (Channel 2): Danville, Alamo, Diablo, Blackhawk, Tassajara, Orinda, Moraga, Lafayette, unincorp. Martinez, San Ramon, Walnut Creek

Channel 2: San Ramon Police, San Ramon Valley Fire Dispatch & Command One

This feed has intermittent reception issues that will be resolved in Q4 2018.

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Police/ Sheriff Designators:

Unit ID: (Prefix) / (Shift ID) / (Beat ID)

//The following description is from the East CoCo County Dispatch Feed, found here

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Prefix -

  •                1 - County Sheriff
  •                21 - Danille Police (Contract City)
  •                23 - Orinda
  •                18 - Lafayette
  •                16 - Moraga
  •                1 / (Shift ID) / (41 + 42 + 43  Lafayette)

A- Administrative

C- (Watch Commander?)

D- Detention Unit (Jail)

E- Civil Unit

H- Hospital (CCRMC)

J- Special Unit

K9- Canine Unit


M- Motorcycle Traffic Unit

P- Units assigned to a specific detail.

Q- Community Service/ Civilian Volunteer/ Technician

R- Reserve (Sworn Volunteer)

S- Special Unit (or Supervisor for San Ramon)

T- Traffic (Non-Motorcycle)

V- County Watch Commander

W- Supervisor

X- Day shift units

Y- Swing shift units

Z- Graveyard shift Units