Baltimore County Fire and EMS - Digital
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(((Stereo Feed))) Left = Dispatch, *** Right = DIVISIONAL and BATTALION CHIEF talkgroup

This feed is administered by the Chestnut Ridge Volunteer Fire Company (Station 50), Baltimore County, Maryland, as a service to our community.

This is a STEREO feed. 

The LEFT channel will monitor MAIN DISPATCH.

The RIGHT channel will monitor the DIVISIONAL and BATTALION CHIEF talkgroups with the Central talkgroup set as a 'priority' channel (at times, the RIGHT channel may be locked on an active fire box, rescue box, or other working incident).  


For best results, monitor this feed with a desktop player or mobile application with a balance slider to select either the LEFT or RIGHT channel, or to select a combination of both channels based on your preference.

This feed features the absolute BEST audio quality available on the internet for Baltimore County fire communications.  The LEFT channel (Main Dispatch) utilizes a Motorola MaxTrac analog radio.  The RIGHT channel (Operations) utilizes a Motorola APX 6500 digital radio.  Both radios are located at Chestnut Ridge Station 50 in Baltimore County, MD on a dedicated server operating 24/7 with full UPS battery backup.