Lake Zurich and Wauconda Fire
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Lake Zurich / Wauconda Fire, Red Fireground and NIFERN.

Feed broadcasts Lake County Quad 3 Fire Dispatch (153.8900): Barrington Village (District 36); Lake Zurich Fire Dispatch (auxiliary repeater on 159.1425): Wauconda (District 34) and Lake Zurich (District 32); Red Fireground (153.8300); and NIFERN (154.2650). Equipment is a PRO-197 feeding an old Dell desktop PC which is also my weather station server.

Here's a pic of the setup (needs update):  Lacrosse WS-2310 weather station, PRO-197 (Wauconda PD on Starcom and LCSO), FT-8000R (Quad 3 Fire), Supersonic SC-602 800 MHz TV antenna for Starcom and LCSO, Dell monitor for weather station and Radio Feed.