Walden and Cabot Fire / EMS Dispatch
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Priority - Capitol West Dispatch Reception at the NorthEast corner of Washington County near Walden VT.

Priority 154.190 Feed received from Capitol West Dispatch** as received at the far corner of Washington Country near Walden.

Frequency list:

Capitol West Dispatch - Montpelier 154.190 MHz

St.Johnsbury Fire Alarm 154.250 MHz

VT Statewide Fire Ground 154.295 MHz

Walden being in Caledonia County and dispatched by Capitol West, this thread serves both counties.

Receiving location is best served by the Woodbury and Walden towers but will receive some other CAPWEST tower signals thus providing a wider feed for listeners. RS PRO-2040 scanner*** feeds a 'green' Raspberry Pi for generating this web stream and TwoToneDetect smartphone message and email generation.  

**Barre City dispatch can also be heard in the distance.