Buffalo Fire and ADI Ambulance Dispatch
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Monitoring ADI channel 1, Channel 2. Monitoring Buffalo Fire Channel 1, Channel 2, Channel 3.

Monitoring ADI Ambulance: ADI Channel 1 (424.37500), ADI channel 2 (429.37500)

Monitoring Buffalo Fire: Channel 1 (424.22500), Channel 2 (424.35000), Channel 3 (423.90000)

In the City of Buffalo ambulances are dispatched on 911 calls by
ADI (Ambulance Dispatch and Inspection). 
ADI is operated by Erie County Emergency Services. ADI dispatches 
all 911 calls for the City of Buffalo, 
Buffalo Niagara International Airport, and on the surrounding highways and expressways.

Apple Zone----East Side
Bravo Zone----West Side
Charlie Zone--Northwestern 
David Zone----Northeastern
Edward Zone---Central
Frank Zone----South