Troy Police and Fire
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Covering dispatch for all TPD zones, and special events. Also covering TFD dispatch and fireground frequencies.

Troy Public Safety - Police and Fire

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Troy Police:


Watervliet (Troy Public Safety) Albany  855.23750  856.48750  857.48750  858.23750  859.73750  860.93750

Talk Groups:

DEC AFS Description
146 01-022 Troy PD Dispatch
151 01-027 Troy PD Incident Command
161 01-041 Troy Citywide All Talk
1010 07-142 Troy Special Events
1015 07-147 New York State Police


Troy Fire:

460.47500 WNSD736   Fire Dispatch/Operations
460.07500 WNSD736   Fire Ch. 2
453.55000 KAV468   Fire Ch. 3
458.62500 KAV468   Fireground


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Located in North Greenbush, NY

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