Pike County Fire, EMS, and Law Enforcement
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(((Stereo Feed))) Left = Pike VHF; PAGING, ALPHA, BRAVO, LAW, MABAS FG-Red, FG-Pittsfield, and others. Right = Regional StarCom Digital TG's [ISP Dist 9 and Dist 20 have merged into "Troop 6", and that traffic is included.]

Left channel; Pike VHF System:

  • Fire/EMS/EMA PAGING    155.1000 / 127.3 (All Pike, IL initial paging, no mobile traffic)
  • Pike C&C ALPHA         154.1000 / 114.8 (All response communication and coordination)
  • Pike C&C BRAVO         151.1300 / 114.8 (Interchangeable with ALPHA)
  • Pike LAW               154.7850 / 114.8 (Pike Sheriff, local police, ISP VHF traffic)
  • Pike EMA               158.7600 / 114.8 (Emergency management and Incident tactical)
  • MABAS FG-Red           153.8300 / 069.3 (Primary fire interoperable Incident tactical)
  • MABAS FG-Blue          154.2950 / 085.4 (Secondary fire interoperable Incident tactical)
  • Pike Fire              154.2500 / 114.8 (Non-Interoperable legacy fireground) (*)
  • Others as required, or as Incidents develop.
  • Note: While we clearly receive traffic from the twelve surrounding counties in the region (including IREACH), we intentionally limit feed channels to Pike County, IL to reduce the amount of unrelated traffic during local incidents. Louisiana, MO Fire (154.3400 / 141.3) may be heard due to mutual aid agreements.) 
  • (*): The legacy "Pike Fire" life-and-safety-critical tactical channel (Primary Fireground for Pittsfield & Barry) may be unitelligible due to interference from high power transmitters in St. Charles, MO, Ashland, IL and others legally sharing the same frequency. Use of this channel has been prohibited by most other agencies due to life safety concerns. This is a common listener comment; we cannot improve what we cannot control. 

Right channel:

  • Starcom21 Region 6 selected TG's: MABAS, IEMSA, REG-6, IDOT-6A, D20-A and others.
  • MOSWIN Region B selected TG's: MHP-B-A, Region B Incident and others.
  • Note: MOSWIN may be disabled at times to allow better monitoring of Illinois traffic.

For mobile Android listening we recommend using ScannerRadio: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.scannerradio&hl=en.

We are a communications design, build company and maintain company,  responsible for the Pike County, IL public safety system.

About our Pike County Radio System:

  • The NFPA standard:
       - All Fire / EMS / EMA agencies are paged on a common dedicated paging-only channel. Automatic mutual aid page data is sent for most pages. Mobiles do not respond on the paging channel. 
       -  Agencies are advised which Command & Control channel has been assigned to the Incident for communication with Dispatch, and all off-scene coordination of assets.
       - On-scene Incident tactical communications are moved to an interoperable simplex, non-repeated channel.
  • All Fire/EMS pages originate from the Pike Co. PSAP and sent to repeaters in Pittsfield, Griggsville, Pleasant Hill, Hull and Barry, and are automatically recorded and replayed from the central Pittsfield transmitter on the same radio frequency. Both EIA 5-tone page data and legacy 2-tone formats are supported.
  • Several agencies use the digital "I Am Responding" system for staff response, administrative and terciary notification.
  • Fire / EMS / Other Incidents are assigned to either ALPHA or BRAVO, interchangeably. Responding agencies confirm status with Dispatch, and (hopefully) give complete on-scene assments upon arrival for mutual aid and situational awareness.
  • LAW, ALPHA and BRAVO provide portable coverage for 95% of the region.
       - All are functionally identical eight receiver site Icom / JPS SNV-12 analog, voted, repeater systems, with four STARS-enabled transmitters located at Pittsfield, Pleasant Hill, Griggsville and Hull, IL. 
       - Automatic receiver selection is based on signal-to-noise ratio mobile reception, with transmit repeater selection automatically following mobile location. Dispatchers can manually force-select any one transmit site as Incident needs change. Relative audio quality changes slightly at this receive location (Griggsville) as different remote transmitters are activated- this is a normal condition.
       - Control and backhaul between sites is performed via dedicated microwave links.
  • Reception of simplex tactical channel (portable-to-portable) depends on the location and strength of the originating mobile equipment. These are not repeated channels and areas other than NE Pike IL may not be covered.

About the equipment:

  • VHF antenna: 6db Telewave ANT150 on 50 ft. tower, LMR4.5 coax, EMR amplified multi-coupler system.
  • VHF feed receiver: Icom F5021 VHF radio scanning the above channels, remote admin enabled.
  • Five other VHF Icom F5021's provide dedicated receive audio for our private in-house quality assurance monitoring and replay system.
  • Icom R2500 with P25 module and SDR# system for testing and special projects.
  • Digital feed: ST4 Discone at 40', LMR4.5, Uniden 396XT digital P25 in TG scan mode with alpha tags, remote admin enabled.
  • M-Audio Delta input card
  • Computer hardware: Rack-mount Intel based dedicated server, Server2008 OS, with two RAID1 mirroring disk arrays (OS and data), Cisco managed firewall switch, Cisco router, 18/8 fiber Internet connection and 3000VA UPS.
  • Software: Bob Aune's RadioFeed 2.8 for Broadcastify and secure internal streaming, Abyssmedia 8-channel MCRS for internally recording and archiving 30 days of audio from all receivers, Andy Knitt's TwoToneDetect and FiveToneDetect providing Page-to-eMail services, and IIS web server.
  • Note: When the Broadcastify feed is down or out of balance it is not a simple task to restore, nor the highest priority.

Your comments and feedback are appreciated.