West Allis Fire
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West Allis Fire Department Official Feed: This feed will broadcast WAFD channels. Follow us on PulsePoint!

City of West Allis Fire Department Dispatch and Operations Feed. Follow us on PulsePoint!

This feed will provide WAFD related radio traffic on the Milwaukee and Waukesha County OASIS System. The feed originates in West Allis and is provided by a Uniden BCD536HP Base Scanner.

Channels will be as follows 1) WAFDDISP Talkgroup 2171 - Designated as a priority channel in scanner 2) WAFDPAGE Talkgroup 2172 3) WAFDTAC1 Talkgroup 2173 4) WAFDTAC2 Talkgroup 2175 5) WAFDTAC3 Talkgroup 2177 6) WUFDTAC3 - 8TAC FROM B5 Talkgroup 2165

Fireground channels 1) 8TACRED 851.4500 2) 8TACWHITE 851.9500 3) 8TACBLUE 852.4500

(OASIS) ~ Organization of Affiliated Secure Interoperable RF Subsystems (OASIS)