Medway Police and Fire
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Norfolk County, MA. Medway police and fire. The digital 'noise' you hear more and more is the encrypted communications that the "secret police" of Medway don't want you to listen to.

Open monitoring of frequencies 482.325Mhz (police) and 482.625Mhz (fire) on a Radio Shack PRO-2026 as of 6/18/18.  No tone control on this model.  This is for the town of Medway, Massachusetts.  Both transmission sources (PD & FD) have the ability to broadcast P25 encrypted on these channels in which case you will only hear digital noise which is ever more prevelant with the "secret police" of Medway.

Commonly used unit designations for Police:

597 - Police dispatch
B1, B2 - Motorcycle units
K1, K2, K3, etc - Car/SUV units.
K7 - School resource officer
K10 - Lieutenant
K12 - Chief
K17 - Ford F250 pickup

(The 'K' designator is adopted from the town's old telephone exchange of Keystone-3)


Commonly used unit designations for Fire:

A1, A2            - Ambulance
Car 1              - Chief
L1, L2, L6, etc - Lieutenant
C1, C3, etc      - Captain