Canyon County Fire and EMS, USFS
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(((Stereo Feed))) Left = BLM in Idaho & eastern Oregon, USFS, *** Right = Canyon Co. Fire & EMS, Parma Fire & EMS, STAND BY FOR MAJOR UPDATES! Feeding from DIGITAL 800Mhz Coming Soon!


Plans are in the works for a major upgrade to the system.

Canyon County recently stopped sending tones on VHF frequencies, tones are available on the 800Mhz trunked system. I plan on implementing a system on the Digital Progect 25 Phase 1 (ICAWIN) system in Canyon county.  I will be feeding all non-encrypted audio along with reactivation the selected tone page audio recordings that get sent to member departments.

Check back for updates! Hardware, software and other equipment should arrive in the next week or so.