Harrison County Fire and EMS
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Fire & EMS Agencies dispatched by Harrison County 9-1-1

Co. 1 Anmoore Fire & EMS Department Co. 14 Wallace Fire Department
Co. 51 Bridgeport Fire & EMS Co. 15 West Milford Fire Department
Co. 3 Lost Creek Fire Department Co. 16 Johnstown Fire Department
Co. 4 Lumberport Fire Department Co. 17 Division of Forestry
Co. 5 Mount Clare Fire Department Co. 21 Clarksburg Fire Dept., Central
Co. 7 Nutter Fort Fire Department Co. 22 Clarksburg Fire Dept., East
Co. 8 Reynoldsville Fire Department Co. 23 Clarksburg Fire Dept., West
Co. 9 Salem Fire & EMS Department Co. 24 Clarksburg Fire Dept., North View
Co. 10 Shinnston Fire Department Co. 30 Flemington Fire Department
Co. 11 Spelter Fire Department Co. 39 Flemington Area EMS
Co. 12 Stonewood Fire Department Co. 61 Harrison County EMS- Clarksburg
Co. 13 Summit Park Fire Department Co. 62 Harrison County EMS- West Milford
    Co. 67 Harrison County EMS- Shinnston


Harrison County Law Enforcement Agencies

Units 1-49 Sheriff's Department
Units 50-59 Stonewood Police Department
Units 60-99 Sheriff's Department (non-sworn)
Units 100-150 Clarksburg Police Department
Unit 199 Clarksburg Animal Control
Units 200-210 Nutter Fort Police Department
Units 300-310 Salem Police Department
Units 400-449 Bridgeport Police Department
Unit 450  
Unit 599 Harrison County Animal Control
Units 600-610 Shinnston Police Department
Units 700-710 Lumberport PD
Units 800-810 West Milford PD
Units 900-910 Anmoore PD