Aurora Fire - East
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Dispatch & Fire-ground/TAC frequencies

East Aurora Fire dispatch & Fire Ground/TAC Frequencies

. Outside antenna hooked to a Radio Shack scanner set for one frequency with very clear reception. Audio feed shall be directed to a Compaq computer running Windows 10 operating system. This machine is on 24 hours a day and connected to a high speed broadband Spectrum Cable service.

453.875                    WQFX520        EAFD DISP.         FIRE DISPATCH
458.875                    WQFX520        EAFD CH 2          FIRE CH 2
458.0625                  WQFX520        EAFD CH 3          FIRE CH 3
458.600                    WQFX520        EAFD CH 4          FIRE CH 4
458.9875                   WQJI228         EAFD CH 5          FIRE CH 5
458.925                     WQJV613        EAFD CH 6          FIRE CH 6
460.36250                  WQKM262       EAFD CH 7         FIRE CH 7