Saunders and Butler County Sheriff / Fire
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This feed broadcasts Saunders and Butler counties. Also includes North Lancaster Fire for Valparaiso.

The scanner is receiving all of these following conventional frequencies: 453.16250, 460.55000, 39.86000, 453.40000, 453.53750, 453.81250, 154.35500, 851.75000, 852.25000, 853.18750, 39.60000, 852.18750, 852.31250, 852.46250, 852.75000, 853.07500, 39.98000, 154.17500, 154.23500, 154.31000, 39.80000, 39.90000, 159.28500. The scanner is located in Valparaiso, NE. I am using a BCD996XT with an omnidirectional antenna on the roof. The computer is a mac mini running windows 7. These are connected to a UPS. The internet connection is stable satellite connection (about same speed as DSL internet). This broadcast is for the Saunders, Butler, and Seward county bordering area.


Butler County: County Fire, David City Fire, & Sheriff; Lancaster County: North Fire/Rescue & Raymond Fire; Saunders County: Ceresco Fire/Rescue, Cedar Bluffs Fire/Rescue, Prague Fire/Rescue, Mead Fire/Rescue, Wahoo Fire/Rescue, & Sheriff.