Madison County Fire and EMS
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Madison County is part of the Central New York Interoperable Communications Consortium (CNYICC) Network. P25 talkgroups and channels monitored: Fire Dispatch, Battalion 1,2,3 Trk-to-Trk, Fireground TAC 3 and County-wide Fire Command (TG 5)

We are using a PRO-197 scanner that is monitoring Madison County, NY Fire and EMS dispatches. This scanner is located in Chittenango, NY. Talkgroups are carried through the radio network so you will hear both sides of the conversation. Off Network channels are local point-to-point frequencies and do not use the trunked network (Talkgroups) to convey the signals, therefore, only near-by broadcasts (to our receiver) will be heard. Battalion 1 basically covers the northern-most towns in Madison County. Battalion 2 covers the Southeast while Battalion 3 encompasses the Southwest parts of the county.


County-wide Dispatch (Ch 1) * Talkgroup
Battalion 1 Truck-to-Truck (Ch 2) Talkgroup
Fireground Tac 3 Off Network
County-wide Fire Command (Ch 5) ** Talkgroup
Fireground Tac 6 Talkgroup
Fireground Tac 7 Talkgroup
Battalion 1 Special Ops (Ch 10) Talkgroup
Regional Fire (Ch 14) Talkgroup
Batallion 2 Truck-to-Truck (Ch 2) Talkgroup
Batallion 3 Truck-to-Truck (Ch 2) Talkgroup
Inter-County Fire Intercom Talkgroup

* Single audible beep
** Double audible beep