Brown County Public Safety
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Green Bay Metro Fire & Police, Ashwaubenon Public Safety, De Pere Fire/Rescue & Police, Brown County Sheriff and All Brown County Fire and EMS Agencies.

This feed features the following agency's.
Brown County Public Safety (SIREN) 700Mhz Radio System.
Green Bay Metro Fire
Green Bay Police
Ashwaubenon Public Safety
DePere Police
Brown County Sheriff
And All Brown County Fire and EMS Departments
The Following Talk Groups are Included:
Fire EMS Law Gov
Brown Co Fire Main County Fire EMS Brown Co. Sheriff Main Brown InterOp 1
Green Bay Fire Main Green Bay EMS Green Bay Police Main Brown InterOp 2
Fire TAC 6   APS /DePere PD Main Brown InterOp 3
Fire TAC 7   LAW EMERGENCY Brown InterOp 4
Fire TAC 8     Brown InterOp 5
Fire TAC 9     Brown InterOp 6
Fire TAC 10     Brown InterOp 7
Fire TAC 11     Brown InterOp 8
Fire TAC 12     Brown InterOp 9
Fire TAC 13 GBMFD Night Ops 1    
Fire TAC 14 GBMFD Night Ops 2    
Rural Fire Admin GBMFD Night Ops 3    
Packerland Admin GBMFD Night Ops 4    
DePere FD Admin GBMFD Night Ops 5    
  GBMFD Night Ops 6    
  GBMFD Night Ops 7