Brown County Public Safety
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Green Bay Metro Fire & Police, Ashwaubenon Public Safety, De Pere Fire/Rescue & Police, Brown County Sheriff and All Brown County Fire and EMS Agencies.

Brown County, WI - Public Safety P25 Radio System

Calls are queued from talkgroups and played back in the order recorded.  While no traffic is missed between talkgroups, it may be played out of order during busy periods.

This feed features the following agencies:

  • Law Agencies:
    • Ashwaubenon Public Safety
    • Brown County Sheriff’s Office
    • DePere Police Dept.
    • Green Bay Police Dept.
    • Hobart-Lawrence Police Dept.
    • Pulaski Police Dept.
    • UWGB Public Safety Dept.
    • Wrightstown Police Dept.
  • Ambulance Agencies:
    • County Rescue Services
    • NEW Paramedic Rescue
  • Fire/Rescue Agencies: (Listed by MABAS Div 112 Agency ID's)
    1. DePere Fire/Rescue
    2. Howard Fire/Rescue
    3. Ashwaubenon Fire/Public Safety
    4. Green Bay Metro Fire Dept.
    5. Village of Bellevue (Services by GBMFD)
    6. Lawrence Fire Dept.
    7. Wayside Fire Dept.
    8. Morrison Fire Dept.
    9. Greenleaf Fire Dept.
    10. Hollandtown Fire Dept.
    11. Pulaski Tri-County Fire Dept.
    12. Suamico Fire Dept.
    13. Wrightstown Fire Dept.
    14. Denmark Fire Dept.
    15. New Franken Fire Dept.
    16. Village of Allouez (Services by GBMFD)
    17. Hobart Fire Dept
    18. Ledgeview Fire Dept.
    19. Austin Straubel Fire/Public Safety


The following Talk Groups are Included:

  • Brown County Sheriff Main
  • Green Bay Police Dept Main
  • Ashwaubenon/DePere PD Main
  • Law Emergency
  • Brown County Interoperability Channel 9
  • Green Bay Metro Fire Station's 1-9
  • Brown County Fire Main
  • Brown County EMS
  • Green Bay Metro Fire Main
  • Green Bay Metro EMS
  • Fire Dept TAC 6-14
  • Fire Emergency
  • Packerland Admin
  • Rural County Fire Admin

Most training TG's have been removed, to avoid unnessassary traffic.  Occasionally, you still may hear training on one of the department's Admin TG's.

NOTE: Due to concerns for officer safety, this feed runs on a 60 minute delay.  For "Live" Fire & EMS, please listen to the Brown County Fire & EMS feed.