Seneca County Fire and EMS
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Fire and EMS Dispatch for Seneca County and on scene command channels 1,2,3,4,5, FAST/RIT, intercounty 45.88

Seneca County fire dispatch including:

Border City, Canoga, Clyde, Fayette, Interlaken, Junius, Lodi, Ovid, Romulus, Seneca Falls, Varick and Waterloo.

Seneca County EMS including:

North Seneca ambulance, South Seneca Ambulance.

Seneca County Emergency Management including:

Fire coordinators, Haz-Mat team, Office of Emergency Services, Fire Investigators, Water Rescue/Dive Team, Special Operations, Technical Rescue.

Fire and EMS Dispatch Channel 460.100 MHz

Fire Ground Operations Fire1 453.600 MHz (repeater)

Fire Ground Operations Fire 2 453.6500 MHz (repeater)

Fire Ground Operations Fire 3 453.3875 MHz (direct)

Fire Ground Operations Fire 5 453.5625 MHz (direct)-also dedicated Landing zone channel for medical flight operations.

Fire Ground Operations Fire 7 460.5625 MHz FAST/RIT  

Intercounty Fire Mutual aid 45.88 MHz






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