Anchorage International Airport (PANC)
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Live feed of Anchorage International Airport (PANC). Stereo feed with tower on the left channel and ground, app/dep and clearance delivery on the right channel.

Left audio channel fixed on: 118.3 (Anchorage Tower) Right audio channel scans the following: 121.9 (ground) 119.4 (clearance delivery) 118.6 (approach, departure control 250-330 degrees, above 1500 ft.) 119.1 (approach, departure control 250-330 degrees, 1500 ft. and below) 119.1 (approach, departure control 331-045 degrees, 2500 ft. and below) 123.8 (approach, departure control 206-249 degrees, all altitudes) 126.4 (approach, departure control 046-205 degrees, all altitudes)