Cass County Public Safety, Iowa State Patrol
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Cass County Law/Fire/EMS/State Patrol

Cass specific frequencies monitored on this feed:

Agency / Function Frequency
EMS Paging 154.11500 Mhz (Analog)
Fire Dispatch 154.14500 Mhz (Analog)

ISICS (Statewide) TG's monitored on this feed:

Agency / Function Talkgroup ID
Iowa State Patrol Dispatch LAW 3B 5103
Iowa State Patrol Region 4 Call 41  R4 CALL41 14001
Cass Law CASS LAW 21001
Atlantic PD ATLANTIC PD 21003
Cass Sherrifs Office CASS SO 21003
Cass Fire Dispatch CASS FIRE 21009