Sandpoint Area Railroads

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Mainline Road Channels through Sandpoint, ID UP AAR-42 160.740 MHz "Dispatcher #41" BNSF AAR-54 160.920 MHz "Boyer East Dispatcher" MRL AAR-56 160.950 MHz "Missoula West Dispatcher" BNSF AAR-76 161.250 MHz "Boyer West Dispatcher" POVA AAR-87


  • BNSF AAR-54  160.920 MHz  Boyer East Dispatcher Kootenai River Sub Sandpoint to Whitefish
  • BNSF AAR-76  161.250 MHz  Boyer West Dispatcher Spokane Sub Sandpoint to Spokane
  • BNSF AAR-66  161.100 MHz  Switching
  • BSNF AAR-70  161.160 MHz  Commonly used by POVA & BNSF when switching the
    Sandpoint yard off of Boyer.

Union Pacific:

  • UP AAR-42  160.740 MHz  Dispatcher #41  Ayer / Spokane Sub  Hinkle OR to Eastport ID
        UP has trackage rights from UP Crossing to Dover ID on BNSF. UP Dispatches this line.

Montana Rail Link:

  • MRL AAR-56  160.950 MHz  Missoula West Dispatcher Sandpoint to Missoula
  • MRL AAR-47  160.815 MHz MRAS #9 @ Clark Fork

Pend Oreille Valley Authority

  • POVA AAR-87  161.415 MHz
        Shortline from Sandpoint along river west to Newport on former BNSF (GN) tracks,
        then north to Metaline Falls on former Milwaukee (I&WN) tracks. Interchanges with
        BNSF at Boyer. POVA has trackage rights from the BNSF yard, west to Dover. UP dispatches
        the line as far as Dover. Does not have interchange priviledges with UP.


  • Antenna: 5/8 whip @ 20 ft
  • Radio: Motorola Spectra A5
  • Location: Sandpoint ID