Sangamon County Public Safety
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This feed monitors all public safety agencies in Sangamon County. Please check the feed notes for more details. ****STEREO FEED**** Left: Law Enforcement Right: Fire & EMS


LEFT: Law Enforcement


Left Side Info (Law Enforcement):

Starcom Talkgroups
TG: 13004  Illinois State Police Troop 6 Dispatch
TG: 04901  Sangamon County Sheriff Ch. 1
TG: 04851  Springfield Police Ch. 1

A Radioshack PRO-652 is being used to broadcast this feed.

Right Side Info (Fire & EMS):

This feed monitors only all fire and EMS agencies in Cass*, Menard*, Morgan* and Sangamon Counties.

Starcom Talkgroups
TG: 5916 Springfield Fire Ch. 1
TG: 5917 Springfield Fire Ch. 2
TG: 5918 Springfield Fire Ch. 3

TG: 4946  Springfield C-MED (Ambulance Dispatch)

Sangamon County Conventional Frequencies
158.8200  RF 1 (Rural Fire/EMS Dispatch)
155.8950  RF 2 (Rural Fire/EMS Response)
155.5350  RF 3 (Rural Fire/EMS Response)
158.7450  RF 4 (Rural Fire/EMS Tactical)
151.3400  Chatham Fire/EMS
154.1900  Springfield Fire Backup Radios

Statewide Fire/EMS Frequencies
154.2650  IFERN
154.3025  IFERN 2
155.0550  I-REACH
153.8300  MABAS Red
154.2800  MABAS White
154.2950  MABAS Blue
153.8375  MABAS Gold
154.2725  MABAS Black
154.2875  MABAS Gray

* These frequencies are only broadcasted when there is a major incident or when severe weather is imminent.

A Radioshack PRO-197 is being used to broadcast this feed.

In Loving Memory
Anthony J. "Tony" Suarez
Aug. 13, 1984 - Apr. 19, 2011