Bethlehem Fire and EMS
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Feed from Uniden BCD996P2 (x2)

Fire and EMS Dispatch and Fireground Operations for the Town of Bethlehem, NY, encompassing the Elsmere, Delmar, Slingerlands and Selkirk Fire Districts.

  • Slingerlands Fire Department (Unit ID 1xx)
  • Delmar Fire Department (Unit ID 2xx)
  • Elsemere Fire Department (Unit ID 3xx)
  • Selkirk Fire Department (Unit ID 4xx)
  • North Bethlehem Fire Department (Unit ID 6xx)
  • Delmar-Bethlehem EMS (Unit ID 51xx)
  • Albany County Paramedic Service (Unit ID 55xx)


Dispatch  155.970 (Fire Control)
Fireground 1 154.275 (Fire 1)
Fireground 2 154.365 (Fire 2)      


Delmar-Bethlehem EMS APCO-25 Talkgroup                                                                                                                                                          Albany County Countywide APCO-25 Talkgroup

Note: These are two different radio systems.  Dispatch tends to use both channels for general operations announcements.  This will cause an echo effect between left and right channels that the feed provider can not correct.  Suggest using the balance function of your app or computer to lower the volume on one channel.

Signal 10 - False Alarm or No FD services needed
Signal 15 - Minor FD services needed
Signal 20 - Moderate FD services needed
Signal 30 - Confirmed working structure fire or equivalent
Signal 40 - Activate Local/Regional Disaster Plan
Signal 500 - EMS Transport (Intermediate Care)
Signal 600 - EMS Transport (ALS Care)