K9MAR 442.0500 MHz Repeater - Hispanos Conference
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A wide variety of information and topics including amateur radio repeaters and ham radio links over IP.



 We will be broacasting with an amateur radio repeater connected to a computer through an AMI-2 sound card interface for echolink use. The repeater location is in Milwaukee,Wi. Please visit - www.kc9pmsradiomar.com

 This feed will include: Echolink *HISPANOS* CONFERENCE

We will occasionally switch over to the following EchoLink Servers and Repeaters:


Milwaukee,WI            K9MAR   442.050 Mhz      Amateur UHF Repeater

Echolink                    K9MAR-R                           Node #561618

AllStar Link               K9MAR                               Node #27059

ECHOLINK CONFERENCE                                *HISPANOS*