Van Buren Fire and Police

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Police Left - Right Fire The receiver is located in South Haven Tip: Use the balance control to listen to fire or police only. Ensure your player has metadata parser option enabled to see channel tags

Left Channel :
MSPCS on the South Haven, Paw Paw

The following talk groups are monitored:

VB PD Dispatch
VB County Common

VB Special Event 1
VB Special Event 2
VB Marine Patrol
VB EMS Dispatch
South Haven PD Dispatch

MSPD Emergency Broadcast
Statewide District

Michigan Statewide Emergency 1
Michigan Statewide Emergency 2

Aeromed Dispatch
West Michigan Air Care Dispatch
Air LZ 1
Air LZ 2

Right Channel:
VB Fire Dispatch 205 - 154.205
VB Fire Dispatch 715 - 155.715
VBEMS - 155.160
State Fire DNR - 154.295
West Michigan Air Care - 155.385
Aeromed - 155.400
Van Buren Narrow-Band Fire Ground Channels

Fire Calls are archived here:

The system has the following components:
Pentium II PC using Ubuntu Linux and Darkice as a audio encoder
Left Channel: GRE 600 PSR Scanner
Right Channel : Bearcat BC895XLT with an amplified discone antenna