Licking County Public Safety
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Stereo Feed. Left: Licking County Sheriff's Office and fire departments, Ohio State Highway Patrol. Right: Newark, Heath, and Granville police.

Description Frequency/Talkgroup Side Notes
Licking County Fire dispatch MARCS-IP 28504 Left  
Licking County Fire - Ops 1 MARCS-IP 28501 Left Buckeye Lake (920), Granville Township (200), Hanover (800), Hartford (960), Heath (50), Hebron (350), Homer (470), Hopewell Township (220), Licking Township (600), Madison Township (100), Mary Ann Township (690), Monroe Township (500), National Trail (830), Newark, Newark Township (540), Newton Township (390), St. Alban's Township (430), Utica (460), and West Licking (400) fire departments.
Licking County Fire - Ops 2 MARCS-IP 28506 Left
Licking County Fire - Ops 3 MARCS-IP 28512 Left
Licking County Fire - Ops 4 MARCS-IP 28516 Left
Licking County Fire - Ops 5 MARCS-IP 28509 Left
Licking County Fire - EMS operations MARCS-IP 28518 Left
Law enforcement
Description Frequency/Talkgroup Side Notes
Licking County Sheriff's Office dispatch MARCS-IP 28503 Left Including Pataskala (451, 5xx), Hebron (456, 6xx), Buckeye Lake (458, 8xx), Utica (457, 7xx), Union Township (461), Hartford (455), Kirkersville (449, 42x), and St. Louisville (464) police.
Licking County Sheriff's Office special events MARCS-IP 28525 Left  
Newark Police MARCS-IP 28534 Right  
Heath Police MARCS-IP 28541 Right  
Granville Police MARCS-IP 28543 Right  
Johnstown Police MARCS-IP 28538 Right Reception may be sporadic as units are not always affiliated with sites local to the feed equipment.
Licking Memorial Hospital Police 453.650 Right  
Ohio State Highway Patrol Post 45 MARCS-IP 51545 Left  
Description Frequency/Talkgroup Side Notes
Licking County EMA 155.775
MARCS-IP 59044
Licking County Health Department MARCS-IP 59593 Left  
National Weather Service Wilmington MARCS-IP 59091 Left  

The feed does not include Reynoldsburg Police or New Albany Police. MARCS-IP talkgroups are scanned on the Granville (65) and Newark (66) sites.