Georgetown Fire and EMS
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Fire Departments,Georgetown Groveland Boxford Byfield, Newbury, Newburyport, Rowley, Dist.5/15 and Fireground Channels Georgetown Police, Newbury Police

My Broadcasting feed will be monitoring the following channel's

Georgetown Fire Police and EMS

Georgetown Fire Ch.1  154.325  R  PL.114.8

Georgetown Fire Ch.2 154.325 Direct 114.8

Georgetown Fire Ch.3 155.9025 Direct

Georgetown Fire Ch.4 154.010 PL.114.8

 WestNewbury Fire Ch.1     151.79750 PL.192.8      

 Georgetown Police  484.2625 PL 142.6

Georgetown Hyway  159.9375  DPL 315N

Boxford Fire  482.5000 PL 411

Byfield-Newbury Fire  153.815 PL 94.8

District  5/15  154.070  PL 131.8

Fire Ground Red   153.830  PL 77.0

Fire Ground White 154.280  PL.136.5 ( During open burning season January 15 thru May 1 you may hear look out towers in Mass and New Hampshire)

Groveland Fire154.865  PL 82.5 Analog only at this time

Rowley Fire 154.295  PL 94.8

Amesbury 155.87250  PL.654

Newburyport 158.955  PL.203.5

Merrimac Fire 151.6625  PL.127.3

Salisbury Fire   153.3125  PL 203.5

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The Georgetown Fire Department  has Two Stations the Public Safety Building  also is called the Central Station is owned and operated by the town and the Erie station is owned by it"s members.

The Central station has

2  Engines

1 Ladder truck 

2  Ambulances bls

1 Chief ' s Command  car 

1 Squard truck


Erie Station has.

1 Engine

 Georgetown Fire Department

47 Central st

Georgetown MA, 01833

Bussiness Line 978-352-5757

Emergency # 911