Washington County Sheriff, Fire and EMS, Mt. Vernon ...
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Washington County, IL Sheriff  frequency (151.460) is sometimes encrypted and may be identified as "Tac 2" by dispatch. Cities of Nashville, Okawville and Irvington police are on 155.625. Fire Dispatch (151.1525) includes all of the Washington County fire departments as well as dispatch for the Washington County Ambulance Service. Ashley and Irvington Fire are also dispatched by Jefferson County on 154.430. Ashley Fire Ops frequency of 151.325 has been added. Other neighboring departments in Jefferson County may be heard on 154.430. Washington County Ambulance (155.085) is the county based ambulance service that serves the county out of Nashville, IL. Mount Vernon, IL Fire Dispatch (159.240) is included and is based in Jefferson County. Marion County and Centralia City Fire are also now live.